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Emanuelle in Bangkok (Part One, 1976)

Character Name: Emanuelle
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: "Emanuelle Nera: Orient Reportage"
Known Aliases: "Black Emanuelle II," "Emanuelle in Bangkok," "Black Emanuelle Goes East," "Black Emanuelle En Orient"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: United States
Occupation: Photojournalist
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: Italy, Thailand, Morocco
Release Date: May 7, 1976 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Black Emanuelle's Box, Vol. 1 (1976)
Stats: Third "Emanuelle Nera" film, second with Gemser.

Story: In a pre-title sequence, Emanuelle worked in a dark room with a randy fellow who seduced her. Not exactly James Bond, but certainly a taste of what to expect. Next came wacky theme music that recalled Roger Miller, so far from left field Emo Phillips says "Hi." Emanuelle then wandered city streets, until being met by her archeologist friend Roberto (Gabriele Tinti) and boarding a steamboat. The pair had agreed to travel together until reaching Bangkok, at which point Roberto would continue to a dig, while she would remain to begin an investigation. Eating in the dining room, Emanuelle took note of Roberto's flattery and mild jealousy, before the pair adjourned to make love to the rhythm of the ship's pistons. An alternate, less absurd Emanuelle theme chimed in.

Having made port, Roberto tried once more to talk Emanuelle into staying together. She didn't see them as a viable couple, with their globe-trotting careers. "Remember our agreement, each one on his own path. Don't ruin everything with romantic nonsense." Goodbye kisses were exchanged, and Emanuelle stepped into her waiting car, where she found a bouquet of pink flowers and a note: "Prince Sanit welcomes his lovely guest Emanuelle." Her driver literally took the scenic route before dropping her at the hotel. He refused her tip, so we can all blame the director for the padding. Escorted to her room, Emanuelle found a fit Thai bellhop running her a bath. She wasted little time in doffing her clothes while the bellhop looked on, though he proved skittish and made his exit.

Emanuelle met the cousin of the king, Prince Sanit (Ivan Rassimov,) for dinner on a boat. She pressed him for access to the king to obtain photos and an interview, but his price had risen since he last offered his service. Dollar figures weren't so much a concern as a desire for Emanuelle's continued company, which she accepted. The pair toured Bangkok, as the Prince explained royal lineage, and how his pro-American views were in direct opposition to the king's. Emanuelle spotted an Anglo man in sunglasses and military greens with long, heavily receded hair spying on her.

Prince Sanit sent Emanuelle to visit a massage parlor he recommended highly, where she was tended to by Gee (Koike Mahoco.) Though the body-to-body massage isn't even as interesting as Emmanuele 3's pale imitation of Gemser's own from Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman, the girls decided to become fast friends. The pair chatted while touring the markets, then lunch, before Emanuelle returned to her hotel alone. She again spotted her stalker (Fausto Di Bella,) and brushed off an awkward advance from the concierge before bathing in her room. She found the bellhop hiding in a corner, and invited the timid young man to dance, as well as give her a far more engaging massage. Unfortunately for the poor boy, Roberto came knocking on the door, signaling that he would go no further. Roberto's jeep had broken down, forcing his return to Bangkok. "Emanuelle, you really are incorrigible."

Later, Roberto took Emanuelle and Gee to meet the American couple who gave him a lift back to civilization. Jimmy (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart) and Frances (Ely Galleani,) tourists who'd pretty much seen the whole world, claimed, "There's nobody in Ohio who has a [souvenir] collection like the one that we have." The wealthy pair of republicans got on famously, and never fought. Director D'Amato played with perspective to really show off the sights during this obligatory travelogue sequence through temples and villages. There was even a dazzling sword fight and exotic strippers (to be poorly swiped for Emmanuele 3.)

Everyone ended up back at one of Prince Sanit's homes, smoking opium. Unsurprisingly, an orgy followed. Match Card: Roberto vs. Frances; Jimmy vs. Gee; Roberto & Jimmy vs. Emanuelle; Frances vs. herself; Frances vs. Gee. Once everyone else had passed out, Emanuelle and Prince Sanit moved on into a room of their own. The prince waxed pseudo-philosophical in the manner of Mario, while trading nekkid massages.

The next day, Emanuelle visited a village alone, snapping shots of a bloody cage match between a cobra and mongoose (Rikki-Tikki-Tavi victorious.) Why? 'Cuz.

Emanuelle returned to her hotel room to strip, only to find Roberto banging Gee in her bed. Why? Why ask why? Emanuelle briefly looked on smiling, then headed poolside, and met Jimmy. It seemed the night before had hit the married couple "like an atomic bomb," making them recognize their complacency and lack of sexual dynamic. They separated, with Frances intent on amicably returning alone to the States. Roberto and Gee soon joined Emanuelle and Jimmy, then the archeologist split off with Emanuelle. They mocked the dissolving marriage, wondering who gets custody of all those souvenirs? Roberto was off to a new dig 200 miles east of Casablanca, while Emanuelle was set to interview the first mistress of the king. Roberto wished she would join him, but the Italian was again rebuffed. "Life would become boring for us, and we could ruin everything."

Left alone at Bangkok International Airport, Emanuelle returned to her hotel room to find it ransacked. Her cameras, pictures and passport were all missing. The bellhop explained "I tried to hold them back, but they were too many." The concierge arrived in time to be briefly scolded as Emanuelle stormed out of the hotel.

Arriving at Prince Sanit's house, Emanuelle found it abandoned, save for an upturned bouquet of pink flowers. Emanuelle was confronted by her stalker, and a mass of additional creeps soon materialized. Emanuelle was sexually assaulted, but began to turn the tables on her attackers with gentle caresses. It seemed to soften their hearts, though not their pricks, as Emanuelle was gang raped. Still, she heard Prince Sanit words about her erotic powers again in her mind, and seemed to take the ordeal largely in stride. Her stalker even walked her out to a car, explaining she needed to leave the country, as Prince Sanit was now under investigation regarding a coup conspiracy. The prince was in prison, awaiting exile, while the stalker was merely a hireling of the king. He encouraged Emanuelle to contact the local authorities about her missing passport...

...To Be Continued...


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