Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Frank Review of "Shortbus" (2006)

The Short Version? Sexually and emotionally dysfunctional 20-somethings visibly work their shit out.
What Is It? Dramedy
Who's In It? Nobody
Should I See It? Maybe.

John Cameron Mitchell's follow up to "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" is quite graphic, especially between the gay couple. Even with fair warning, you just don't expect to see a man ejaculate into his own mouth in the first ten minutes of a movie. Porno movies save that sort of thing for the second reel. It is perhaps poetic, considering the storyline about the girl who can't reach orgasm, that the film doesn't so much reach a climax as just wander off into the final credit sequence. Still, the characters are likable, and I don't feel I wasted my time on it, but I don't expect to ever bother with it again. I forewarn though, I only got through about ten minutes of Hedwig before giving up, so that might just be me.

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