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Emanuelle in America (Part 3, 1976)

Character Name:
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: Emanuelle in America
Known Aliases: "Brutal Nights," "Black Emanuelle en Amérique"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: U.S.A.
Character Age:
Occupation: Photographer (news, nudes)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: New York
Release Date: January 5, 1977 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Emanuelle In America (1976)
Stats: Third Black Emanuelle, 2nd with Laura Gemser

Story: Emanuelle takes in a sauna (fully nude, 'natch,) and is joined by Gemini (Lorraine De Selle,) who confesses that Eric van Darren hasn't given her the medallion that signals a zodiac girl being his bedmate for the night in two months. Gemini once "answered him back," and is being punished by being sexually teased without authorized release. She refuses to leave, "And go where? To go back to Spain to my father's dirty restaurant? Gemini is obsessed with the boss and her pampered life, and can't stand the thought of those grabby truckers back home. Emanuelle likes the occasional trucker herself, but will have none of van Darren's conditioning. "Will you stop it!" Emanuelle demands while shaking Gemini, who protests "You think you're different!" Emanuelle smugly replies, "I certainly do. I like choosing my men, and never for money." Gemini breaks down, desperate for some kind of love, and Emanuelle gives it to her in spades. Cue '70s porn funk music, bad jump cuts, and glistening bodies making out.

Emanuelle receives the medallion, and plays up her enthusiasm in van Darren's bedroom... only to turn a factious offer to flog her into a scathing lecture of the poor little rich boy. "Shut up, stupid bitch!" Emanuelle continues about how she thinks women terrify van Darren, and how he has to pay for everything he gets. Eric van Darren begins to like this provocative game, but only to a point, as the boss clutches Emanuelle by the nape of the neck. "It's going to be fun for me to tame you; a new diversion." Tubby van Darren gets to feed her his chubby, blessedly off-screen.

The cut to a game of pool offers a symbolic transition to rival Alan Moore's "Watchmen," or at least Benny Hill's "The Benny Hill Show." Emanuelle is in the game room with the rest of the zodiac, fully clothed for once, and hoping to join Eric van Darren and Duke Alfredo Elvize high stakes game of backgammon. No wait, poker dice? James Bond wept! Why not Yahtzee, fer chrissakes? Emanuelle rolls a Full House, a Straight, Four Aces, and most especially van Darren, who still insists he never loses. Well, when the Duke rolls out in his crappy sedan the next morning, we see Emanuelle has stowed away in the back seat, after claiming to be headed for bed. Emanuelle had used her winnings to buy her freedom, and asked "Would you please let me off at the first bus stop?"

Alfredo Elvize, Duke of Mount Elba has something in common with the Emanuelle: a desire to screw van Darren. Maybe that's why he only freaks a little about his extra passenger. The Duke with a 400 year old lineage of Venetian nobility soon offers to take Emanuelle to his golden palace on the grand canal, and she smells a story.

Meanwhile, Emanuelle's boyfriend Bill is at his apartment when he finds out over the phone from his newspaper editor that his piece on illegal arms trading is being sidelined in favor of the more sensational harem story. "You mean to say that my political pieces can't be used? ...She's a monster, but she's my girl and I love her. Can't wait to have her back in my arms again... Where is she now?" Following that lead to Venice, Bill 'ol boy...

At the Duke's digs, Emanuelle meets his wife, Laura Elvize (Paola Senatore.) Laura seems to like her husband's new friend, though Mrs. Elvize's heralding of matrimony falls on deaf ears. Bill is still on his way, however. "We have a very special relationship. We're very free, both of us."

Later that night, Alfredo and Laura have a shouting match behind closed doors after the wife is caught in bed with another man. The scene attracts Emanuelle's attention, and she's invited into the drama with a champagne. Laura excuses herself to take a bath, while the Duke sets about seducing Emanuelle with the mouth whoopee. Laura returns to sneak in as an oral pinch licker, which at first seems to unnerve Emanuelle, but not for long. Emanuelle revs up the couple, but stealthily departs before things get too serious; her unique form of marriage councilling.

Emanuelle meets Bill at the airport, who confesses that while he missed his best girl, he did "console" himself in her absence. Bill excuses himself to make a phone call, but instead books the first flight to London. Emanuelle is pissed that Bill couldn't arrange to stay a few, or even one day. "But no, just a couple of hours between one plane and the other." Bill has his own work to pursue, but earmarked a sexual pit stop. The giddy couple, anxious for available space, find themselves in a standing fuck outside a symphonic practice hall, to classical accompaniment. Bill's headed back to his away plane before the other performance is through... be continued...

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