Tuesday, March 24, 2009

nurghophonic jukebox: "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" by Nat King Cole

Written By: Music- Duke Ellington. Lyrics- Bob Russell.
Released: 1940 (music only, as "Never No Lament"); 1942 (with lyrics, as "Don't Get Around Much Anymore)"; 1957 (Cole's cover)
Album: Just One Of Those Things
Single?: A Standard.

Missed the Saturday dance
Heard they crowded the floor
Couldn't bear it without you
Don't get around much anymore

Thought I'd visit the club
Got as far as the door
They'd have asked me about you
Don't get around much anymore

Oh, Darling I guess my mind's more at ease
But nevertheless, why stir up memories

Been invited on dates
Might have gone but what for
Awfully different without you
Don't get around much anymore

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