Monday, March 30, 2009

Shove A Meme Up Your Myspace, Blogger Bretheren

I haven't logged onto MySpace since mid-January, and not regularly in nearly a year. I don't have a Facebook account. I will not Twitter. I am an anti-social, overly-opinionated fuckwit with bad hair and a slight overbite. This being the case, I don't understand why anyone should care about trivial details of my miserable, hateful existence, much less wish to form some sort of self-destructive misanthrope community at my side. Yet, folks will send me viral "awards," include me in memes, and generally compromise the The Lord God's Intended Purpose for blogs-- to keep Blogger "types" off street corners, announcing the coming apocalypse with our sandwich board signs, spewing with vomitous breath about how George Lucas raped our childhood.

That being the case, good writers are well-read, and good bloggers follow a similar if comparatively fallow trajectory. In hopes of introducing others to blogs I like, I will deign to introduce them here...

  1. when is evil cool?: Chris Bankrobber reminds me of Vern at AICN... plays at being rough around the edges while discussing alternative media, but is really very clever and precise. He's great about getting at the heart of his praise/complaint and grabbing your interest without rambling. It helps we're into a lot of the same stuff to boot, though he can be blamed for this post, so there's that.
  2. Occasional Superheroine: This is a popular comic/geek culture blog I've followed for a few years, even though I kind of hate it a whole lot. Valerie D'Orazio is one of those women who's great at winning sympathy by painting a portrait from her viewpoint, until you realize how self-important, myopic, compromised, "victimized," and generally shrill she can be. So this has gone from a blog I followed in the "oh, that poor girl with the broken vagina terribly abused by the industry," days to "gee, what's that nakedly opportunistic, deluded Brontë character going to whine about today?" It's fun to watch the wimps vs. the trolls, though, and Val reads way more comic columns than I do, so she's not completely useless.
  3. Pretty, Fizzy Paradise: Kalinara is the anti-Val, sidestepping a cult of personality in favor of a clubhouse. There's a lot of fluff pieces about deeply flawed television and movies to sort through, but where she really shines is in probing and insightful explorations of characterization in serial fiction. Kalinara has blown my mind a time or two by coming at a fictional persona from a perspective I never considered, validating even the worst writing by forming a gestalt impression of a character that makes perfect sense.
  4. The Absorbascon: Scipio is another blogger with skills I admire, as he applies Ivy League education to the juvenile comics medium, specializing in DC and Golden/Silver Age material. He's also one of the rare bloggers who can make me laugh out loud. However, he can also be very snide and dismissive of contrary opinions (especially the faintest hint of Marvel Comics,) so he's also one of the more infuriating personalities I intentionally encounter.
  5. Deep Fried: Jason Yungbluth completely immoral comics were fantastically funny in their heyday, and his political blogging helped me drown out my sorrows during the Bush Administration.
  6. Egotastic!: Because after a hard day of geek blogging, you sometimes have to unwind by reading gossip about reality show tools and masturbate to B-list celebrities naked.

Okay, I was instructed to offer six, so there you go.


wiec? said...

thanks for playing Frank. sometimes the whole paying it forward part of meme ing can be annoying but what can you do?

i try not to ramble and thanks for noticing. blogging shouldn't read like a homework assigment. short and sweet is how i like to roll (most of the time)

i check Egotastical once in a blue. they have a sense of humor about their bullshit and they have good pics from time to time. thanks for the other suggestons. now i have something else to check while at work.

kalinara said...

Aw. Thanks for the nice words! Though I must disagree about my fluff pieces, as I think they rock, of course. :-P


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