Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emanuelle in America (Part 4, 1976)

Character Name:
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: Emanuelle in America
Known Aliases: "Brutal Nights," "Black Emanuelle en Amérique"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: U.S.A.
Character Age:
Occupation: Photographer (news, nudes)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: New York
Release Date: January 5, 1977 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Emanuelle In America (1976)
Stats: Third Black Emanuelle, 2nd with Laura Gemser

Story: Emanuelle attends a swank soiree, where she blows off a boorish fellow trying to make time with her. She then runs into a fresh general, who she also dismisses. She's more interested in the ridiculous bleach blond with the porn 'stace; Beastie Boys "Sabotage" by way of John Holmes in a white polyester leisure suit. A homely middle aged woman butts in, "You get your own drink." It seems Gregor, who wore a black and gold choker with a "5" engraved on it, had been "won." The woman would only allow Emanuelle to look at him from a distance she guided her to. "In the Caribbean Islands there's this delightful club for single women. It's quite extraordinary."

While Alfredo Elvize, Duke of Mount Elba (Gabriele Tinti) and his wife Laura (Paola Senatore) greet their guests, sneaks off to a secluded room... filled with fine art forgeries. The Duke grabs her arm from behind and growls "I don't like people who are too inquisitive." Alfredo had informers who had told him all about Emanuelle, and he thought she had a miniature camera secreted in her bracelet. Emanuelle confessed, showed him her bracelet was not so encumbered, and explained she wasn't there for work. "...Those forgeries don't interest me professionally. If you put one over on van Darren, I'll find that amusing." Alfredo still isn't sure he can trust her, but Emanuelle calmly explains "You can kill me if you like... Half of New York knows I'm here. Do you think it's worth it?" Alfredo relents, explaining he likes to collect paintings, and half of the ones in the room were genuine. As for customs, "a noble title has its advantages." Emanuelle thought his collection was perfect, "something like your marriage." Emanuelle was grateful for the help in confirming her doubts about matrimony. "I might even have changed my mind."

The Duke led Emanuelle back to the party, as his wife announced to all it was time to make the affair more interesting. A cake standing a good six feet was brought in, and everyone supplied a slice. An older, nerdy man finds the golden peanut in his piece, and is awarded another nubile piece hidden within the cake's frame. Nude, on a leash, and covered in frosting, the girl is led about-- and soon attracts other onlickers. Meanwhile the aggressive general is again rebuffed by Emanuelle, her eyes rolling, while the party converts to an orgy. As it turns out, Emanuelle's miniature camera was hidden in her necklace, and she finds the hardcore inserts of fellatio for European distribution far more interesting than the art scam. Don't we all? Alfredo and Laura bump uglies on the floor, along with everyone else. A lesbian couple sixty-nine, and Emanuelle doesn't even stop snapping when the general strips and suckles her. All the while, Nico Fidenco synths anticipate Goblin's score for "Dawn of the Dead."

After the gondola ride to the airport, Emanuelle strokes the cheek of her anonymous steward and tells him sardonically "You're the cleanest, sweetest memory I have of Venice." Clearly regretful, Emanuelle is ready to go back home... be continued...

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