Friday, April 24, 2009

1992 Amazing Heroes #202 Jim Lee Sketch

From the June 1992 Amazing Heroes' table of contents comes this nifty image. He looks a bit like a cross between Deathblow and Lobo, and I like to call him Blackspade-C3: Clandestine Creed Commando! No offense intended, though come to think of it, the race here is indeterminate. This guy really intrigued me near twenty years ago. Now, he makes me want to hang myself. Oh, elusive youth! Such wasted years! Why doesn't my ass look anything like Blackspade-C3's anymore?!? Do those weighted boots give him a butt advantage?


Nicholas Ahlhelm said...

Pretty sure that is Deathblow... though perhaps an early version. He has the eye-stripe thing.

I like your name better though.

Diabolu Frank said...

I do believe you are correct. When Deathblow was announced, I figured that's who this was supposed to be. Then Jim Lee got a good look at Sin City, and turned his character from a Lobo to Violent Marv knock-off.


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