Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The Sand Pebbles" Cast and Crew on Marayat Andriane

In commentary, the actor Mako said of Marayat, "she was much of a, you might say, loner really. Plus, she and I were staying at different hotels."

Director Robert Wise simply said, "Isn't she marvelous?" He then began laughing to himself for seven uneasy seconds, followed by another gulped chuckle.

Candice Bergen elaborated more fully: "Marayat; who was married to the French head of 'Ceto,' or something; she lived in Bangkok, and I remember that when I left, I visited her there and-- and had a lovely dinner with her, and she was quite exotic. Very beautiful, and, um, very educated, and fairly mysterious, but-- but lovely."

Sir Richard Attenborough continued: "The actress who I played opposite, I don't think, was an enormously experienced young actress... On the other hand, she had a wonderful truth about her. There was a wonderful sympathy. There was a wonderful simpleness-- uh, uh-- about the character. You didn't feel she was world wise a'tall... She was enchanting, I might say. Absolutely delightful, and very gracious to me, as being the 'professional actor,' as it were. I found myself very fond of her by the end of the movie."

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