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Emanuelle in America (Part 5, 1977)

Character Name: Emanuelle Rogers
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: Emanuelle in America
Known Aliases: "Brutal Nights," "Black Emanuelle en Amérique"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: U.S.A.
Character Age:
Occupation: Photographer (news, nudes)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: New York
Release Date: January 5, 1977 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Emanuelle In America (1976)
Stats: Third Black Emanuelle, 2nd with Laura Gemser

Story: Driving her car through New York to a jazzy soundtrack, Emanuelle makes her way to another nude shoot with Janet (Stefania Nocilli.) Emanuelle asked about Tony (Giulio Bianchi.) "He's terrific. Believe it or not, we were married two weeks ago... He's really changed. That's all he thinks about... He's so horny, the only rest I get is when I'm working." Emanuelle chirped "Maybe he's taking vitamins." The phone rang, and Emanuelle dismissed Janet to talk to Bill (Riccardo Salvino,) working with the Queen out of Buckingham Palace. Painfully lonely, Emanuelle demanded phone sex from her obliging lover.

The next day, a disguised Emanuelle was being driven to the pleasure island she'd learned about at the orgy. Her driver couldn't stop staring, and he explained that he had been born there, and saw his share of ladies come and go. "I drive t'the Chez Fabienne Singles Club every day. Have done for years. The ladies I bring out are filthy rich-- ugly as hell, so I think they ought to pay. But lady, that stuff's not for you, cause you're first class material." Emanuelle said that she was just curious about a new experience, steadily working her secret necklace camera.

At the club, Emanuelle introduced herself as "Laura Rogers" to Diana Smith (Maria Piera Regoli,) who ran the club. "Later this afternoon, you'll be able to choose your partner. Would you like something to drink? Go ahead-- I don't drink myself." Emanuelle was more interested in her penis-shaped cookies. "Oh no, not one of those. They're made with some rather special ingredients that can have quite an effect on you. I'd wait until later." Smith required a half payment down, which would cover any "accessories" that might be required. The price was steep, but between the discretion, security, and opportunities available, Smith felt it was justified.

Emanuelle soon found herself in a lounge amongst other guests, inspecting a gaggle of well-toned, nearly nude hunks wearing numbered collars. Cookies were eaten, covert photos were taken, and couples paired off into seclusion. Emanuelle overheard role-playing coming from a small hut outside, revolving around a Tarzan (Rick 'Ercolino' Martino) "eating" Jane (Marina Hedman.) Well, she ate him right back, performing fellatio to climax in the XXX European cut, along with brief penetration. Emanuelle took her shots, then progressed to another woman threading flowers through the bush of an uncircumcised male. Emanuelle then reentered the hotel, where she furthered her investigation by peeking into rooms. The first offered an older blond woman, a strapping black man, his white partner, hand jobs, finger bangs, snake tongue, dual oral, doggy style, and ejaculations. Emanuelle next spied a Sam Elliot lookalike "Zorro" and his fire-crotched cougar (Renate Kasché) on the stairs, she masturbating while he cracked a whip off-screen.

Still not satisfied, Emanuelle took advantage of a key left in a door to open it a crack and peer inside. Her first sight was a reel-to-reel film projector, then a platinum blond enjoying the movie and a man's mouth on a bed alongside. Emanuelle's eyes followed toward the screen, where she was disturbed by the sight of a screaming nude black woman bound with rope to a St. Andrews cross while being threatened with a blowtorch. Cut to uniformed militants shackling a bloodied woman to a table. Cut again to a woman with a pipe shoved down her throat, blood spurting out, her wrists tied behind her back and hair pulled. Emanuelle paused, seemingly on the verge of tears. A black militant on screen pushed a woman to the ground. Cut to mostly nude men in army caps raping a variety of women. One has an enormous phallus, which he forces into the bloody vagina of a victim, her legs covered in scratches. Several men hold her down, one choking her about the throat with his hands. Cut to the girl who had taken a pipe in her mouth, dazed as a soldier cocked a gun in her face. Through wide-eyed horror, Emanuelle returned to shooting pictures. A branding iron was pressed into the flesh of a girl's back. Emanuelle heard the moans of the couple, taking pleasure in this atrocity, and closed the door silently.

Emanuelle returned to her room to remove the camera from her necklace. Two burly hotel attendants rushed to her door, so she hid in a closet. Emanuelle at first seemed concerned, then smiled before her door was broken down. The necklace was found empty, and Emanuelle was escorted to Diana Smith. It seemed one of her "stallions" read Emanuelle's magazine all the time, so Smith deduced the real reason for her visit. Smith refused to return Emanuelle's clothes and other belongings until the roll of film she'd been spotted taking was handed over. Murderer wasn't on the table, as Smith was certain it wouldn't come to that. As this was a matter of potentially compromised reputations, Smith seemed inclined more toward having Emanuelle arrested on trumped up charges.

Emanuelle didn't seem worried, as she sensed sexual tension from the tightly wound Smith, who refused all drinks, smokes... and men? The lady dost protest to much, as Emanuelle very nearly got Diana to eat a ecstasy cookie with her feminine wiles. When Emanuelle pegged Smith as a lesbian virgin, it earned her a backhand with a slap follow-up. Slightly pissed, Emanuelle forced Diana to the ground, tearing at her clothes with her hands. After ripping off Diana's panties, Emanuelle forced Smith to drink alcohol, then initiated her in the Sapphic delights. Leaving Smith writhing on the floor, Emanuelle took Diana's clothes and claimed she was going to get the roll. Instead, she snuck out to the car of the overly-friendly driver who had first brought her to the "Singles Club." Emanuelle even bargained for airfare and a new dress, courtesy of gratitude sex... be continued...

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