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Emanuelle in America (Part 6, 1977)

Character Name: Emanuelle Rogers
Actress: Laura Gemser
Actual Movie Title: Emanuelle in America
Known Aliases: "Brutal Nights," "Black Emanuelle en Amérique"
Country of Origin: Italy
Character Nationality: U.S.A.
Character Age:
Occupation: Photographer (news, nudes)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Locales: New York
Release Date: January 5, 1977 (Italy)
Director: Joe D'Amato
DVD: Emanuelle In America (1976)
Stats: Third Black Emanuelle, 2nd with Laura Gemser

Story: Emanuelle was taken to her publisher's offices by taxi (370 ??? St?,) where she began doing research. Her newspaper can be seen, called the Courier (perhaps the Queens Courier?) At the presses, she read about a missing prostitute believed to have fallen to a possible revenge killing. "Like hell. Hey Frankie! I'm convinced I saw her in that film." Emanuelle's editor asked if she was sure the seeming snuff film wasn't really just a porno, but like Italian authorities when this flick came out, she was sure "You can't get that kind of simulation from a professional actor." Frankie tried to warn her off such a dangerous story, but Emanuelle smiled confidently. "After all the things that have happened to me, I've always managed to come back." Frankie continued, "Hold on. As your friend, let me give you some good advise: Don't have anything to do with this story unless you're sure it's safe. As your editor, I can give you a name and an address: A guy called Ronnie. He lives down at the East River on a fishing boat. He's an ex-cop who got kicked out of the police department for accepting bribes and God knows what else. He knows everything there is to know about everybody, and he doesn't give interviews, so you'll have to have something to offer him. Alright?"

At the docks, Ronnie explained that not even the police could handle the snuff ring, as its backers were too powerful. Ronnie didn't have names, and was hot to bet on a horse. Emanuelle offered a 20-to-1 yield without even having to placing a bet, so Ronnie directed her to Washington, D.C...

In the capitol, Emanuelle began trailing a senator (Roger Browne,) spying on him with his family of a wife and three kids. Eventually, she "accidentally" dropped her drink off a lunch tray at a restaurant onto the Senator. Asking for a way to make up for her clumsiness, the Senator suggested Emanuelle be his company at his table. The pair hit it off, and continued their conversation into a park. Emanuelle buttered the Senator up, speaking of how attractive, intelligent, charming, patriotic and responsible he was. This prompted the Senator to launch into a speech. "Everybody in this country is so concerned about what the world thinks of us, when actually we should feel great pride in what we've achieved-- for this is the greatest country in the world... What about the young people of today? Their heads are stuffed full of crazy ideas and a lot of nonsense. What we really need right now is another war. Then they'd come back with their heads screwed on straight... and the ones that don't come back will have given some meaning to their lives-- sacrificing themselves for their country... It's a fantastic country."

Emanuelle kept up the sweet talk, claiming to be on vacation, so this important man jokingly demanded she follow him to his place to change the coat she ruined. One scene later, and Emanuelle was stripping naked in his bedroom. The make-out session commenced, where Emanuelle pressed for the Senator to produce something "far out-- forbidden." The Senator cued up a concealed reel-to-reel, which projected a grainy black and white ménage à trois. Emanuelle played cold fish, until she convinced the Senator to produce something "really strong." Careful what you wish for...

A topless girl with short, dark, curly hair and a bloody slash across her breast was punched. Dropping to her knees, she was forced to take her attacker's prick in hand. Cut to the girl being sodomized while bound over a rack. Cut to three girls with their hands tied with rope behind them, their backs flogged by soldiers. Cut to a brunette woman in a choke hold, her legs lifted and spread apart by another two militants, and a long, moored, barbed wooden phallus forced inside her. Cut to three women writhing on the floor as their clothes are forcefully pulled off. Cut to the brunette's gored vagina. Cut to a woman on the floor, hands behind her back. Blood flows from her nose, mouth, and torso as she's flogged. Pan to another woman's flayed back. Pan to another woman covered in blood as she's lifted from her bonds and flogged. A man's hand reaches for a large black metal hook on a line. Pan to a brutalized woman whose forehead, wrists, waist and knees are restrained by metal brackets, as the hook is inserted into her vagina. Cut to a man turning a crank to tighten the line. A soldier looks on while swigging a bottle, while another heats a rod in a brazier. Pan to a limp woman bound to a St. Andrew's cross molested by a sweaty militant. Pan to the sodomized woman, her arms increasing wrenched by another soldier cranking the rack. She is bound at the shoulders and small of back by metal rails. Cut to woman on barbed phallus hemorrhaging and slumping lifeless.

Emanuelle accepts the Senator's mouth against her body, as she focuses on taking covert snapshots of the film with her necklace camera. The sound of celluloid slapping signals the end of the ordeal. The Senator did not appear to have removed his short robe for fornication, but still declared the experience fantastic. Emanuelle agreed, claiming to have been turned-on by the awful images. Emanuelle "confessed" to being a closet masochist who fantasized about having such a cruel experience in real life. "It's the raw horror of it that excites me... Who knows where, or when, a normal middle class American girl like me could see things like that?" The Senator took this as consent to drug her drink. The Senator finally stripped and laid Emanuelle down, just as her eyes widened in confusion...

Visions of a private airplane trip with the Senator filled Emanuelle's mind. She saw herself in the back of a military jeep in the jungle, riding with the Senator and soldiers to a secluded base. Inside a house, the couple were led by a trooper to a wall with a shuttered viewing window. Once opened, what Emanuelle sees appears as another movie...

Film of various nude and beaten women led by a military troop. Cut to a large bestial phallus-funnel being forced into a girl's mouth. Cut to woman shackled to table with a broom handle in her bloodied vagina. Cut to steaming hot/molten liquid being poured into the funnel and down the victim's throat. Cut to near-dead woman bent over a table, the ribs of her flayed back exposed. Two soldiers hoist her up and place a bit in her mouth. She is then sodomized by one soldier as another tugs at her reins. Cut to woman on St. Andrew's cross, covered in blood, as her nipples are cut off in turn with a dull machete. Cut to flayed/sodomized woman as the force of the reins tears her cheeks open.

As Emanuelle and the Senator watched, he positioned himself behind her; lifting her skirt and tugging off her underwear. Emanuelle was in a drug-addled haze, transfixed by the deprivations playing out before her as she's taken from behind.

Emanuelle awoke from her nightmare, back in the Senator's bed. He explained that her vision was the result of a little powdered LSD, which Emanuelle had never tried before. Emanuelle claimed to be pleased by the trip, and promised she'd visit the Senator again whenever he wanted. The Senator kissed Emanuelle, saying, "We'll pick up tomorrow where we left off today."

Emanuelle returned to the New York offices of her employers, believing she had wasted her time on an acid trip. Perhaps that could explain why she now called her editor "Freddie." Regardless, the editor had an envelop full of "magnificent" developed black and white photos from Emanuelle's "dream." Emanuelle was pleased that her experienced happened after all, while her editor felt, "It's enough to make you puke. I'm not surprised you remember it as a nightmare. You're lucky you woke up." Emanuelle thought she had the scoop of the century, but her editor thought she should forget the whole thing. He explained that for the first time since he'd been with the paper, its owner had commanded him to kill a story. "No two ways about it, but don't worry... I'll put it in the archives, and at the first opportunity that comes along, I'll publish it. Alright?"

Emanuelle was livid. "Hey, wait a minute! I don't give a damn about the archives! Don't you realize I could have been killed? If we don't condemn these atrocities publicly, other girls are gonna get dragged into it, and we'll become accomplices to the whole filthy business!" Freddie wasn't any happier than Emanuelle, but even as she continued to plead with him, the matter was closed. Furious, Emanuelle proclaimed she wanted to blow the whole paper up, owners and editor included! Freddie told her to take a few days to calm down, but Emanuelle said she would take a week... month... year... five years... ten... "All my life if I feel like it!" be concluded...

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