Thursday, May 14, 2009

1990s The Keep Overpower CCG Captain America: Heroes Reborn Character Card

Back in the '90s when I played the Overpower collectible card game, there was a little grassroots fan organization called "The Keep" that created their own cards. Since Marvel's Overpower card art was mangled by shitty CGI pissass early on, and further befouled by plain amateurish crap line art later, The Keep felt compelled to offer their own mocked-up cards to ease the pain. Sometimes, they just applied the official stats to art that didn't look like it could give you a bacterial infection, but often they offered variations and entire characters Fleer turned a blind eye to. Like Fleer, the Keep skewed heavily Marvel, so no one ever offered me a Blue Devil Character Card, I'm afraid. I can't find any trace of them on the internet today, and their domain is no longer registered. I figured, might as well throw this neat little Cap card I was given lo those many years ago.

The official Captain America Character Card had the Sentinel of Liberty looking like he'd just caught the Falcon, Nomad and D-Man in a heavily marinated salad toss, so let's all give a round of applause to Jim Lee's take here. The revised stats were based on the year long Heroes Reborn alternate universe event where former Image creators offered their take on classic, and more importantly, then-under-performing Marvel heroes. Throwing a shield was only worth an Energy rating of 2 on both cards, and Fighting remained at the maximum score of 8. The big difference is that his Strength rose a point, and his Intellect dropped one. Seeing as Rob Liefeld initially reworked this Cap, its a wonder his I.Q. held as well as it did.

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