Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Frank Review of "Ator: The Fighting Eagle" (1982)

The Short Version? Worst. Barbarian. Ever?
What Is It? Sword & Sandals.
Who Is In It? Miles O'Keeffe, Laura Gemser.
Should I See It? God No!

Sword and sorcery with all the wires and plastic bits showing. The worst Joe D'Amato movie I've seen yet, which says a lot. Not remotely good, but passingly amusing if you've had a lot to drink. Less legal enhancers couldn't hurt. I rented this for the Laura Gemser, but not only is there no relation to Black Emanuelle here, but no nudity to speak of. She's pretty much in one crappy scene. Worse, I will now associate Gemser with the withered crone she turns out to be in this stupid flick. Thanks a lot, Ator, you A-Hole!


wiec? said...

'Thanks a lot, Ator, you A-Hole!' is probably the funniest thing i've read all day. thanks for that.

Diabolu Frank said...

If that's the funniest thing you've read all day, I'm truly sorry for your day and the state of bloggery as a whole. Still, thanks! I'll be here all week (for once!)


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