Saturday, May 9, 2009

July, 1991 Amazing Heroes #192 X-Men Cover

Not one of the better issues of the magazine of mainstream comics before Wizard ruined everything. The Jim Lee "Mutants Of The Year" cover was fantastic, as you can see, commemorating the release of X-Men #1 with separate milquetoast interviews of creators Lee and Chris Claremont. After that was a look at the uniformly bland !mpact Comics, Andy Mangels Backstage (spotlighting the unproduced Brigitte Nielsen She-Hulk movie,) Heidi Macdonald's look at the Harvey Awards, and oodles of reviews and solicitation copy.

There was a fun piece from Adam-Troy Castro's Infernal Gall column questioning the wisdom of various comic book movie options. One of a series of "The Reverse Casting Game," the writer poo-pooed the Silver Surfer and Galactus (the former turned out not so bad in the Fantastic Four sequel,) Archie, the Simpsons, Werewolf By Night, Any Super-Team (about half right,) Elektra: Assassin, Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Who's Who In the DC Universe (direct-to-video Robin Leach documentary,) David Lynch's The Angriest Dog In The World, and finally, Nancy and Sluggo. So clearly, this was written back in that lost time when comics and newspaper strips were still covered as interchangeable. Also, when people read newspapers at all.

Anyway, wasn't that cover fantastic? Just fantastic? I like the coy, concealed Rogue best, while Beast is just sort of there. Wolverine before microphones predicted the success of Hugh Jackman's portrayal, while the short-lived flirtation between Cyclops and the barely restrained cleavage of Psylocke dates the piece. Meanwhile, $3.95? When Jim Lee was arguing the relative merits of comics formatted for $1-1.75? No wonder the full color Wizard killed this mag.

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