Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sylvia Kristel Emmanuelle Custom Barbie Doll

Here's one of those outrageous things you only stumble across through hard core web surfing: a custom made Emmanuelle doll as modeled by Sylvia Kristel for one of the 1974 film's best remembered movie posters. Juan Albuerne, Asun Merino and Vince Tibavido obviously did an incredible job with their recreation. Kristel was of course topless for the original image (and about half of the flick,) so Albuerne had to sculpt nipples (censored here) with Milliput paste. You can see the full size, uncensored images here, or be amazed by the complete catalog at JUAN ALBUERNE'S MOVIE STARS site. They're almost all female, and many are impossibly spot on. I particularly liked Diana Ross, Penelope Cruz, Whoopi Goldberg and especially Brandy.

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