Monday, August 25, 2008

Obscure Character Handbook: Mr. Gargoyle

Real Name: Unknown
Other Aliases: Mr. Gargoyle
Dual Identity: None known
Occupation: Well-heeled stalker
Legal Status: Presumed U.S. citizen
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Presumed single, and very, very lonely
Known Relatives: None
Known Confidants: None
Supporting Cast: Four armed, middle-aged Caucasian henchmen in domino masks.
Known Allies: Ditto, and they're on the payroll
Major Enemies: Steve Trevor
Base of Operations: A huge ghostly mansion on a lonely part of the coast (near Washington D.C.)
Place of Employment: None known
Group Affiliation: None
Extent of Education: Unknown, but as a presumed scientist...
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: None visible
Other Distinguishing Features: Disfigured face
Intelligence: Seems reasonably high, though he's clearly whacked in the head
Strength Level: Possibly superhuman, or at least maniacal
Skills: Stealthy, possible inventor, and inflicter of heebie-jeebies
Superhuman Powers: None known
Special Limitations: Ugly. Needy. Wears a stupid mask.
Source of Powers: None known
Special Weaponry: A luxury car equipped with smoke and knock-out gas emitter. Weighted cane.
Personality: Delusional, possessive, and generally aggressive.
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #175 (March-April, 1968)
Origin: Unrevealed
Publisher: DC Comics
Status: Copyright DC Comics
Tagline: "This time-- kiss me as if you meant it! Convince me!"
Mission Statement: "I'll never rest until Wonder Woman willingly throws herself at me-- instead of that pretty boy surf rider she's with!"
Created by: Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick

"I wanted you for my own, Wonder Woman! Long before an explosion in my lab ruined my face forever-- forcing me to wear this mask!"

To that end, Mr. Gargoyle ran a jeep carrying Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor off the road. Though she had been gassed, Wonder Woman deflected gunfire and fought off henchmen sent by Mr. Gargoyle. While she was distracted, Mr. Gargoyle stealthily approached and bludgeoned her with his cane. "This hurts me more than it does you, beautiful! But it's the only way I can quiet you-- after you've made yo-yo's of my men!" The revived thugs loaded Wonder Woman into their car. "Handle my darling carefully! I have a few surprises waiting for her at my hideout! And take along Trevor, too! I may need pretty boy there also- in case Wonder Woman proves stubborn!"

The group travelled to Mr. Gargoyle's creepy "palace," where he compelled Wonder Woman to kiss him with her own magic lasso. "I might as well have been kissed by an iceberg!" Wonder Woman used her deep feelings for Steve Trevor to deny Mr. Gargoyle a heartfelt kiss, so Mr. Gargoyle utilized the same to demand one. In his courtyard was a very large, semi-natural pool infected with sharks. Steve Trevor was tied to a rock at its center, as the water level rose to meet him. "That will be his last breath unless I order the water to be lowered!"

Regardless of the second kiss' quality, Steve Trevor was dragged underwater by a leaping shark, prompting Wonder Woman to break lose from Mr. Gargoyle's grip to dive in after. Mr. Gargoyle tried to convince Wonder Woman Trevor would forever hate her for their infidelity, but failed. When Mr. Gargoyle ordered his men to collect the unconscious Trevor to dump "on some lonely country road," Wonder Woman again easily subdued them and escaped in her invisible robot plane. More concerned with Trevor's health that Mr. Gargoyle, she left the villain shaking his fist at her. "Don't think you're escaping me, Wonder Woman! What the Gargoyle wants-- the Gargoyle gets! I'll never rest until you're in my arms again! Your love for pretty boy is hopeless! He hates you!"

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