Thursday, November 27, 2008

Super-Hero Feast

The ...nurgh... has a lifelong love of the super-heroes, but addressing that adoration can become a bit random at times. This index will thus be a nearly all-inclusive look at posts related to comic books! Check these subdivisions to optimize our geekitude:

The Unofficial Obscure Character Handbook of the Multiverse
Abel Carmody (DC)
Ace Harlem (All-Negro)
Baron Death (DC)
The Book of Fate (DC)
John Henry (DC "Silver Age")
Kishana Lewis (DC)
Lion Man (All-Negro)
Martika (DC)
Mr. Gargoyle (DC)
Madam Fatal (Quality)
Muhammad X (DC)
Pierce (DC)
The Wonder Man (Fox)
Wyldheart (DC)

The Super-Hero Books:
(The many discussions of comic books appearing in proper books.)

"A": Things I learned from "The Superhero Book"
Amazing Heroes #202: Aborted Titans/Nightwing Plans (June, 1992)
"B": Things I learned from "The Superhero Book"
Chuck Patton Profile
The Comic Book Heroes: The First History of Modern Comic Books from the Silver Age to the Present
The Comic Book Heroes: The Marvel Age of Comics
The Comic Book Heroes: "The Other Guys"
The Comic Book Heroes: The Return of the Heroes
"C": Things I learned from "The Superhero Book"
"D," "E" & "F": Things I Learned from "The Superhero Book"
"G" & "H": Things I Learned from "The Superhero Book"
The Great Comic Book Heroes (2003 Edition) by Jules Feiffer
The Great Comic Book Heroes: Batman, Fox & Fiction House
The Great Comic Book Heroes: Captain Marvel & The Spirit
The Great Comic Book Heroes: Superman
The Rehabilitation of Eel O'Brian by Don Thompson
The Yellow Peril & the Yellow Claw!

Four-Color Philosophy:
Baby's First Comic Book Writing Principle
The Obligation of Renovation
The Bane of Multiversalism
The Absence of Origin
The Delano Theory of Seminal Integrity in Super-Heroic Fiction
Secret Origins Matter (or How Hawkman Got His Wings!)

Political Musings in Metropolis:
The Grand Old JLA
Justice Liberals of America
The Super-Hero Registration Act and the Common Good
Super-Heroes On Gay Marriage
Superman Red State/Superman Blue State
The Two American Avengers

The Trouble With Super-Heroes:
(Even beings with powers far beyond those of mortal men can be boring if they're not handled correctly.)

The Trouble With Aquaman
The Trouble With Nightwing
The Trouble With Wonder Woman

NEW CAP! Like New Coke, but shinier...
Huntress/The Question: Conquest '52
Defending "John Henry" in "New Frontier"
Conquest '07: Huntress vs. Black Canary & Co.
Why I Don't Hate Iron Man
FLD's State of the Marvel Universe Address for 2008
Ms. Empowered
Matthew McConaughey as Captain America? F*** NAW!
Ineffectual Video Commentary
Jordan League of America
Whatever Happened to the Negro League?
San Diego ComiCon 2008 Analysis
Sexual Harassment @ ComiCon
Virgin Sacrifice
Empire Magazine's 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters

More ...nurgh... Indexes for when Super-Heroes come to feast...
Comic Box Trot Index: Lengthy Synopses of Interesting Issues
The Dirty Trader Index!: Paperback Reviews
Smelly Brown Paper (Scans of Yore): From the pages of your favorite periodicals come ads and miscellanea.
Wednesday Is Any Day For All I Care: Another damned comic book review column.

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