Thursday, July 23, 2009

2008 Mark Texeira Wonder Woman Commission

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One of my longtime favorite artists and characters, though not a combination I always enjoy. Tex has a particular take on women that's a bit too-- what's the word I'm looking for-- '80s hair metal whore-- to suit the heroine's superheroine. Here though, I love Diana's slight smile and gentle, realistic (referenced?) faced. She's also got those thick, well muscled Harry Peter legs, and isn't especially eroticised nor stand-offish. A damned nice piece, offering a Wonder Woman with more human spirit than most.


Nicholas Ahlhelm said...

And now I want to see Tex draw an issue of Wonder Woman, which will almost certainly never, ever happen. Has he even ever worked for DC?

Diabolu Frank said...

Tex got his start there, drawing The Warlord, Jonah Hex, and its post-apocalyptic follow-up Hex. He hasn't done much interior work for DC since, but he supplies them with covers sporadically. He painted Wonder Woman covers for Legends of the DC Universe #30, 31 and 32, as well as supplying lots of commissions.


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