Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Frank Review of "Food, Inc." (2009)

The Short Version? Industrially Processed Food Is Bad. Here's your bumper sticker.
What Is It? Documentary.
Who Is In It? Hippie Tree Huggers.
Should I See It? Maybe.

Your Oscar Meyer wieners are filled with chicken lips. Surprised? Thought not. It's a message nearly as heavily circulated as "smoking gives you cancer," yet this doc still manages to dig up a chubby family who claim their only option to feed themselves is the drive-thru, based on time and the comparative price of a head of lettuce. I have trouble getting out of a Jack-In-The-Box or Subway for much under $10 just for myself, so I call bullshit there. By the same token, I've yet to suffer from dropsy or scurvy, so obviously there's some benefit to my not eating like people from a hundred years ago.

Point being, Food, Inc. is all about well-trod arguments regarding food safety, as well as the treatment of animals and workers by evil big business. If you care, it's preaching to the choir. If you care and need a pleasant, concise, visually stimulating video argument to present your case to the unwashed couch potato, here's your future loaner DVD. If you don't care at all, you're the average American, and without Moore/Spurlock shenanigans, you'll give this a pass (even as a loaner from your liberal friend.)

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