Monday, July 13, 2009

A Frank Review of "Brüno" (2009)

The Short Version? Supergay on parade in the U.S.A.
What Is It? Mockumentary
Who Is In It? Sacha Baron Cohen and cameos-o-plenty
Should I See It? Yes.

Speaking as an especially socio-sexually liberal individual, Brüno is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. While not as subversive as Borat, and a much choppier, skit-filled film, Brüno overcomes comparison through the comedic genius of Sacha Baron Cohen. The movie is terribly ribald, though its overt homosexuality is less queezy than the nude wrestling sequence from Cohen's previous work. I personally found it less offensive yet more daring, as the situations Cohen places himself in are far more dangerous this time around, and his victims more deserving of ridicule. Brüno isn't as quotable or accessible to mass audiences, which should preserve its vitality in the long run, and thank God for that. I was part of a party of four intelligent film buffs who rarely agree on anything, but our love for and laughter at Brüno was unanimous. No green band trailer could do the film justice, and a more revealing look would only spoil some of the fun. No worries though, as the movie is jam packed with funny, and absolutely recommended to anyone who could possibly find the material palatable.

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wiec? said...

while i really like Borat i'm glad to hear this good too.

i'm also glad to hear it's not as quotable as Borat too. Borat impersonations are as annoying as seeing a band play a show with the guy behind you shout singing along with the singer. ugggh.


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