Friday, July 10, 2009

2008 Walt Simonson Thanos Commission

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I'm extremely burnt out from work and a top secret blog project, so the nurgh has not flowed. Sorry folks, but we shall return. Anyhow, I've been pouring over tens of thousands of pages of comic art in recent months, and thought I might show off some of the obscure gems I turn up.

Below is the first time, or so I've been told, Simonson has drawn the Mad God Titan. Walt has probably drawn Darkseid more than anybody, possibly even including Jack Kirby himself, and I'd say his take is the best. In this one image, Simonson does more to dispel the under-cooked criticism that Thanos is a rip-off of the lord of Apokolips than anything I can think of in the last quarter century. Jim Starlin even has problems there. Anyway, I love this image, even if the torso looks more like John Byrne than Walt. Click here for higher resolution and more info.

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