Friday, October 3, 2008

1968 "Marvel Super-Hero T-Shirts only $1.60 Ea." Ad

I've always wondered if the actual shirts had that sort of Hedwig turtleneck, or if that was just a shoddy artistic rendering. It's tough to beat a whole t-shirt for half the cost of a Marvel comic these days, so who am I to complain. Sure, the big names were great, but what always got me was seeing that the first Gene Colan Kree Captain Mar-Vell actually wrangled merchandising back in the day. Also, note the $3.15 sweatshirts. Those would go for what, $30-40 today?

As an added bonus, an ad for the Merry Marvel Marching Society, just $1.00. Y'know, the only time I tried to send away for something like this, it was the Get-Along Gang, and those anthropomorphic fucks never sent me dick! Bet the MMMS would have come through, had I been born a decade or so sooner. Props for finding the handicapped work in a sales position as well. I know I'd sure want a blind super-hero sorting out my mail and check for one club kit. Daredevil, did you ever temp for the Get-Along Gang?

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