Thursday, October 2, 2008

1976 "Just For You... Our Magnificent Marvel Goodies!" Ad

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, but I got pulled away by picking up a friend at the airport, roaming the streets, and catching the VP debate. I'll throw out another scan later to play catch-up. In the meantime, here's another great ad for Marvel merchandise from the decade of my birth (though not of my heart.) Things are rather Spidey-centric in this ad for the Superhero Shop, between the suction cup Web-Shooter, plastic cup, Spidey-Cycle, bike horn, Mego figure, Vs. Superman comic, and Web-Head's own huckstering efforts. My primary interest is in the other two cups though.



Was this some kind of weird licensing issue? Sure, Stan was always a character, but do you really want to chance the Man's Magnum 'stache tickling your chin while downing chocolate milk? This also reminds me of that airbrushed Fleer trading card that morphed Stan into a variety of Marvel heroes. What is with that? I'm sorry for fixating, but it bothers me.

As for Clea-- loves the Clea. She was among the first "babes" of my comic reading experience, and tossing through the Gene Colan Dr. Strange issue I scanned this from, I'm sure she played a role in giving me a head start on puberty, as well. Shame no one could be bothered to give her a proper logo, or present her in a less submissive pose, but that was always sort of Clea's appeal. You've got to figure from the get-go, Ditko's rooming with Bill Ward had an influence on Clea's very existence, so she was never going to be a feminist icon, right?

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