Monday, October 20, 2008

A Frank Review of "Sex Drive" (2008)

The Short Version? Dork steals brother's hot rod to meet internet chick with his two best friends.
What Is It? Sex Comedy
Who's In It? James Marsden, Seth Green
Should I See It? Yes.

You want the short version? "American Pie" meets "The Sure Thing." There are tits. There are nerds. There are randy, sarcastic Amish. There is a doughnut with a magnum. What's not to like? Sure, it's lightweight, but I think it's refreshing that the "heart" is mostly given lip service (though it drags down the last half hour) in favor of something that stays on point with the funny. There isn't much of a story, which is to the good, as the goal is to keep people laughing (when not titillating.) I think that if you watch the trailer and are entertained, you can expect better in the theater. If the trailer does absolutely nothing for you, I doubt this was ever going to be your cup of tea to begin with. Highly recommended for fans of the great American sex comedy, especially the '80s variety-- and this one pays off far better than any of that crap that used to run on USA's "Up All Night."

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Unknown said...

Have seen it turn around funny comedy clearly out standing one it was love it and enjoy it at every minute, just feel like I am the one who is traveling to brake the virgin. I am still virgin oh my I am not going to drive that far ever. I saw it from because it is the web I used for many movies.


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