Sunday, July 12, 2009

2004 George Pérez Taskmaster/ Deathstroke Commission

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The Terminator and the Taskmaster? How can you go wrong?


DamonO said...

Man, if Jack Kirby is the King, Perez is the modern day heir to his throne. This is dynamite!

Diabolu Frank said...

Honestly? Kirby only does it for me on the right occasions, usually in part due to his inker. Gimmie Vinnie Colletta over Sinnott any day. I'm one of those guys that grew up hating Kirby, but learned to appreciate his virtues with age.

Meanwhile, I was weened on Perez, so I love him, but I also take him for granted. A bit of the contempt for the familiar there, I'm afraid. This is definitely a great piece, and I'm always happy with Perez, but rarely excited. He's so consistent and prolific, it takes finding the rare character he hasn't previously drawn to get me going. That, favorite periods (especially 1984-85,) or interesting inkers.

DamonO said...

I also like to see Perez draw characters I'd never seen him draw before, which is why the first and only time I commissioned him I got him to draw Brother Voodoo. To my knowledge, its the only time he's ever drawn Brother Voodoo, and he's certainly never drawn him in a published comic.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie Colletta was George Perez' best inker IMHO. Their Avengers collaborations were masterpieces.


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