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Smelly Brown Paper (Scans of Yore)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Gallery

1947 All-Negro Comics Ace Harlem Ad

1962 100 Toy Soldiers $1.25 Ad
1963 "Your Free Trip Around the World!" DC Comics PSA
1964 Batman Silly Putty Ad
1964 "Smoking Is For Squares!" DC Comics PSA
1966 AMT "Grandpa Munster "Digs" The Drag-U-La!" Ad
1966 AMT "Christmas In January from AMT" Ad (1937 Kord Kit)
1966 Mattel "Fright Factory Thingmaker" Ad
1966 Teen Titans Debut Subscription Ad
1966 Tower Comics "Thundering Thrills!" Subscription Ad
1968 Action Comics #360 "You Too Can Play The Game" Supergirl Ad
1968 Aurora "Anzio Beach" Hobby Kit Ad
1968 DC Comics Showcase #73 "Beware The Creeper" House Ad
1968 Mattel Hot Wheels Action Sets Ad
1968 "Marvel Super-Hero T-Shirts only $1.60 Ea." Ad
1968 Revell "BIG MAMIE never lost a man" Model Kit Ad
1968 Tootsie Roll's New-Exciting Swim Toy Ad
1968 Transogram "You Are Under The Spell of Ka-Bala" Ad
1969 DC Fact File #9 [J24]
1969 Monogram "Take A Tijuana Taxi" Model Kit Ad

"Clint" by Boris Vallejo
1970s Monster S-I-Z-E Monsters Ad
1970 8MM Motion Picture Projector Only $6.98 Complete Ad
1970 Marvel Comics "Super Poster Offer"
1970 Moon-Blob with Moonglow Ad
1970 Monogram "Snoopy Strikes Again" Ad
1970 National Periodical Publications Movie Posters Ad
1970 "So You Want To Be A Cartoonist?" By Joe Kubert" [K-316]
1971 Marvel Comics Marvelmania Super Poster Offer
1972 "1000 'Day-Glo' Decals Only $1.00" Ad
1972 "Get These Dynamite Embroidered Patches That Tell It Like It Is! Now Only 69¢" ad
1974 Mego Marvel Ad: Falcon, Hulk, Green Goblin & the Lizard
1975 G.P. Exports "Learn The Secret Powers of the Deadliest Killers in the Orient" Ad
1975 Marvel Comic Con Ad
1975 Super Tee Shirts Iron-On Transfers Ad
1976 "Just For You... Our Magnificent Marvel Goodies!" Ad
1976 NCG Merchandise DC Comics Super-Hero T-Shirts Ad
1976 Rolling Stones Black And Blue Comic Book Ad
1977 Marvel Comics "Subscribe!" Ad
1977 Marvel Comics "Superheroes Assemble" Subscription Ad
1977 NCG Merchandise "Help A Hero.." Ad
1978 Slim Jim "Satisfy Your Meat Tooth" Dracula Ad

Nick Fury, Black Widow and La Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine by Paul Gulacy
1981 Amazing Heroes #6 Kevin Nowlan Doom Patrol Pin-Up
1981 JLA/JSA George Pérez Pin-Up (Justice League of America #195)
1981 Nautilus Dreams The Sorcerer Graphic Novel Ad
1982 "...a little head!" Bong Ad
1982 Amazing Heroes "The Secrets of NoMan" Page
1982 Remco Toys Action Figures Ad
1982 Revell Power Lords Ad
1983 Kitty's Kostume Korner (Uncanny X-Men #168)
1983 Marvel Comics Warlock #2 Back Inside Cover Illustration by Jim Starlin
1983 Superman Peanut Butter Action Comics #1 Reprint Ad
1984 Black Canary Postcard by George Pérez
1984 The Elongated Man Postcard by George Pérez
1984 "First Choice: Don't Settle For Second Best" Subscription Ad
1984 First Comics Tim Truman Ad
1984 Hawkman Postcard by George Pérez
1984 The Martian Manhunter Postcard by George Pérez
1984 Star Comics Royal Roy House Ad
1984 Star Comics Top Dog House Ad
1984 Star Comics Wally the Wizard House Ad
1984 Sword of the Atom insert
1984 Zatanna Postcard by George Pérez
1985 Batman quits the Outsiders
1985 Booster Gold debut house ad
1985 CBS Saturday Morning Cartoons Comic Book Ad
1985 DC Comics Robert Bloch Hell On Earth Adaptation Ad
1985 DC Spotlight #1
1985 Marvel Age Annual #1 Dreadstar Preview Art by James P. Starlin
1985 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Role Playing Game Ad
1985 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Role Playing Game New Teen Titans Ad
1985 Pineapple Glow In The Dark Posters 3 For $3.00 Ad
1985 Vanth Dreadstar by Jim Starlin
1985 Vixen Origin
1985 Who's Who Vol.IV: Captain Comet (6/85)
1986 Adam Warlock by Craig Hamilton
1986 Challenge of the GoBots Comic Book Ad
1986 Comico & Graphitti Designs Mage T-Shirt Ad
1986 DC Comics Aquaman Mini-Series Ad
1986 DC Comics "The Batman... You Only Think You Know Him" Ad
1986 DC Comics Blue Devil/Firestorm Crossover Ad
1986 Elvira Mistress of the Dark T-Shirt Ad
1986 Eclipse Comics "The Shape Of Things To Come" Two Page Ad
1986 Matt "Daredevil" Murdock and Natasha "Black Widow" Romanoff by Paul Gulacy
1987 DC Comics Who's Who Update '87 Vol.4: Minutemen
1987 DC Comics Who's Who Update '87 Vol.5: Watchmen Pin-Up
1987 DC Comics Who's Who Update '87 Vol.5: Watchmen Text
1987 Eclipse Comics Valkyrie! Pin-Up by Brent Anderson
1987 Eclipse Comics Valkyrie! Pin-Up by Brian Bolland
1987 Eclipse Comics Valkyrie! Pin-Up by William Stout
1987 Epic Comics "The New Alien Legion" Ad
1987 Epic Comics "Video Jack" Ad
1987 Marshal Law Promotional Sticker
1987 Watchmen RPG Module 227 Front & Back Covers
1988 Epic Comics "Doctor Zero" Ad
1988 Epic Comics "The Light And Darkness War" Ad
1988 Epic Comics "Powerline" Ad
1988 Epic Comics "St. George" Ad

Daredevil and Black Widow by Paul Gulacy
Golden Age Green Lantern by Gil Kane
1990s The Keep Overpower CCG Captain America: Heroes Reborn Character Card
Supergirl by Kevin Nowlan
1990s Vanth Dreadstar and Syzygy Darklock Convention Sketch by Angel Medina
1990 Captain Comet Sketch by Steve Lightle
1990 James O'Barr's The Crow against barbed wire
1991 Amazing Heroes #197 Wonder Woman cover by Brian Bolland
1991 Amazing Heroes #192 X-Men Cover
1991 Marvel Comics Jim Lee Omega Red Concept Sketches
Part 1, Part 2
1991 Marvel Comics Jim Lee Punisher/Nick Fury Graphic Novel Panel
1991 Tundra Publishing "Violent Cases" Ad
1991 Who's Who in the DC Universe Update #8 Captain Comet Profile

1991 Who's Who In The !mpact! Comics Universe Binder Cover
1992 Amazing Heroes #202: Aborted Titans/Nightwing Plans
1992 Amazing Heroes #202: Jim Lee Sketch
1992 New Titans/Pantha Unpublished Cover by Tom Grummett
1993 Advance Comics The Sandman Holiday Wish List Postcard by P. Craig Russell
1993 The Creators Universe Starwing and Nightfire Trading Cards
1993 DC Comics Who's Who in the DC Universe Update #2 Bloodwynd Profile
1993 Marvel Masterpieces Jim Steranko Triptych
1993 Valiant Comics Postcard No. 3 (Shadowman)
1994 Marvel Comics Pepsi Prisma Cards
1994 Marvel Pepsi (Mexico) Quicksilver Hologram #1
1995 DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes/Superboy Promo Card
1995 DC Pepsi Cards (Mexico)
1995 Vertigo "Preacher" Promotional Flier
1996 Mr. Mind's Venusian Decoder Card
1997 Just Comics Merry Xmas Suicida Private Commission
1997 Wizard Magazine Holiday Present Tags
1998 Xavier Institute For Higher Learning Diploma

Red Wolf by Christopher Tyner
Sal Velluto Black Panther Sketch
2001 Aaliyah Album Comic Book Ad
2001 African-American Super-Heroes Commission by Paul Ryan
2001 "No Justice, No League!" (Deep Fried #4)
2002 Green Arrow "Ollie's Stupendous Chili Recipe (Just Like Mom used to make!)" Pin-Up
2004 George Pérez Taskmaster/ Deathstroke Commission
2005 Captain America "Fortitude" Inspirational Sign
2005 Captain America "Patriotism" Inspirational Sign
2005 Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Absolute Edition cover by George Pérez
2005 Dreadstar & Company by Jim Starlin and Alan Weiss
2005 Palindromes Lobby Card
2006 Superman Convention Sketch by Jae Lee
2006 Valkyrie! Sketch by Ryan Sook
2007 Valkyrie! Sketch by Michael Bair
2008 Red Wolf & Lobo Commission by Timothy Truman
2008 Thanos Commission by Walt Simonson
2008 Wonder Woman Commission by Mark Texeira
2009 Red Wolf and Lobo Commission by John Byrne
2010 Professor Arnold Hugo & Marco Xavier Convention Pieces by Humberto Ramos & David Malki!
2010 Zook Convention Piece by Ethan Van Sciver

Stuff Magazine
2001 Stuff Volume 2, Number 13: "Why?"
2001 Stuff Volume 2, Number 16: Meet Rat Bear
2002 Stuff Volume 2, Number 18: Clown Wisdom
2001 Stuff Volume 2, Number 19: Chicken Taunts
2001 Stuff Volume 2, Number 21: Clown Woes
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 1: Disturbing Duckie
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 2: Duck Ahoy!
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 3: The Conspiratorial Clown
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 4: Finicky Frog
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 5: A Capricious Clown
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 7: A Soon-To-Be-Dirty Clown
2002 Stuff Volume 5, Number 11: A Ram Whore

Current as of 11/6/11

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